Granosite Rendering

Granosite texture coatings are comprised of a system of preparation products, textures and topcoat membranes. The systems ensure optimum, long lasting texture performance that can be troweled, rolled or sprayed on creating different texture...
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Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic render is either trowelled or rolled on, depending on the specific render being used but some even allow for being sprayed on. The advantage of acrylic render over other types of render is...
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Foam Rendering

Foam render is applied as the first coat of acrylic render with mesh around all surfaces. We then apply the second coat of acrylic render to the surfaces with a float finish or texture...
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Blue Board Rendering

With blue board rendering, we apply the mash on all the surfaces joint with acre patch. We apply skim coat with polymer render and float finish / sponge finish depending on the top coat...
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Hebel Rendering

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